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Beginner Tri Program

Is doing a Triathlon on your Bucket List? 
Are you interested in trying a triathlon as a personal challenge?
Would you like to move over to triathlon from another sport?
At Beckworth Racing we have the perfect program to help you reach your triathlon goals.

I joined Beckworth Racing after doing some of the free triathlon clinics organised by Adam and his team for the Barwon Heads Tri. At the clinics the Beckworth Racing coaches were friendly, relaxed and encouraging. It was very much appreciated as it was a whole new world to me. 

I haven't come from an endurance sports background, have never been a fan of running and the only bike I've ever owned is pink with a basket on the front! My Beckworth coach was great at making sure I had a graduated start with the program, so I didn't injure myself or give up from finding it all too hard.


He gives us individual technique tips and advice during the training sessions and checks in to make sure we are in the right training zones. It's also a great crew to train with, everyone works hard and can have fun while doing it. 

Since starting I am stoked to notice improvements in all three disciplines, especially my running which I'm starting to think isn't too bad after all!!

Leigh Yong, First Timer.

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At Beckworth Racing we have a very inclusive & supportive approach to our programming and coaching. We understand that triathlon attracts people of all abilities and sporting backgrounds. 
We LOVE triathlon and encourage everyone to give it a go!!
It doesn't matter if you're:
  • Trying something new for the first time.
  • Someone transitioning to tri's from another sport.
  • Haven't ridden a bike since you were a kid.
  • Intimidated by having to do an open water swim!!
We get it! We understand! 
We actually love those situations, cos through our coaching we get to help you achieve something that we know you'll be proud of. We get to be part of your journey to "triathlete!"

12 week PROGRAM FOR JUST $280

We are offering you a 12 week program that will focus on developing your triathlon skills, confidence and fitness.
The program will have you ready to race a 2XU series race other similar upcoming event of your choice.
12 Week Program delivered via Training Peaks App (Free download) 
Beckworth Racing Singlet & Hat RRP. $70
Access to the Beckworth Racing Athlete ONLY website with extra resources for swim, bike, run.  RRP. $99
The Triathlete's Training Journal RRP. $15
Free access to Barwon Heads Triathlon pre race clinics. 
Weekly beginner group training session with focus on skill development and fitness. RRP: $198
Bike maintenance session RRP: $30
Access to Beckworth Racing sponsors' discounts 
Race day support and access to club race marquee.
Messenger / email support from coaches throughout your program.

Over $712 of value for just...




As part of our 12 week coaching program participants get access to a weekly group training session. 
These sessions are exclusively for participants of this program and focus on developing skills, refining technique and building confidence.
We want to get you to race day in peak fitness but also confident with all the skills of swim, bike and run (and transition!!).


The program will be scheduled to have you ready to race the BARWON HEADS TRIATHLON which is the perfect triathlon for beginners. The 2XU Series is also very beginner friendly and always has a great fun vibe.
Beckworth Racing is well represented at both the Barwon Heads Triathlon and 2XU races with lots of participants and support on course.
As part of the 12 week program you will get FREE access to our Barwon Heads Triathlon Clinics. 
These clinics allow participants to train on course building confidence come race day.
Participants of this program do NOT have to do Barwon Heads Triathlon. Participants can choose any event to target.


This is a beginner program so participants will need to know how to swim, ride and run unassisted. 
During the 12 week program your coach will give you all the help needed to become proficient and confident.
Participants will need:
  • A bike which doesn't need to be an elite road bike.
  • Goggles, swim cap.
  • Runners
Optional equipment which can help includes:
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Wetsuit
  • Clipless bike shoes
  • Bike computer
Your coach can help you source any equipment you may need and also discuss the best options for you. There is also a potential possibility to borrow from our network of athletes within Beckworth Racing.
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