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Triathlon Services

At Beckworth Racing our passion is triathlon. We have a broad range of athletes in our club from beginners to elite triathletes and everyone in between. Regardless of which category our athletes fall into, they are treated with the same level of respect and attention. Scroll down to view our triathlon services. 

Junior Triathlon Coaching

Looking to develop skills in the sport of Triathlon and compete as a junior athlete. Tailored programs for younger athletes, with ongoing mentoring by our coaches to continue to develop a set of skills to help.

Age Group Triathlon Coaching

For people wanting to train for triathlons with the aim to finish and see/feel the personal results as well as enjoy the sport at the same time. This program is tailored for the beginner athlete onwards to fit in with your desired goals.

Age Group Elite Triathlon Coaching

For the athletes who have the desire to push themselves to the highest level that they can achieve in the sport. With a focus on aiming to qualify/individual performance/strategy and using data to help achieve results, this program would best suit intermediate-advanced athletes. Such as qualifying for Hawaii Ironman or placing there, Winning an Age Group World Championship Title or podium whether it is IRONMAN 70.3, Standard Distance or Sprint Distance. 

Casual Attendance

For those athletes who do not want the commitment of a full program but would still like to train in a group environment. Athletes may choose when they would like to attend from a variety of group training sessions run all year around. This service is great also for athletes looking to work or gain extra coaching in a chosen discipline (running-cycling-swimming). This would fit beginner through to advanced athletes.


Casual attendance + full program options available with a student/concession rate. Suited for any student/concession wanting triathlon coaching.

Correspondence Coaching

You want to have access to a program tailored to your ability and goals to follow but cannot get to the group sessions enough due to various reasons. This option allows for you to still have access to a full program uploaded weekly online that is tailored specifically to the individual athlete. It allows you to complete your training in your own time and space whilst still offering full coach contact and all member benefits are included. Suitable for beginner through to advanced athletes. Whether you are in within Australia or overseas, we cater for both. 

Social BRT member

You have seen what Beckworth is all about. You would love to be apart of the growing community and have access to race day marquee/Beckworth partnership discounts/Weekly Spin Newsletter/Beckworth Singlet and swimming cap without the commitment of coaching with BRT. Suited for those wanting to support the BRT community and/or have race day support.

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