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At Beckworth Racing we have a results based process. The process is personalised to each athlete, taking in their specific situation. Our training programs are based largely on scientific & physiological theories that minimise injury, fatigue and overtraining and MAXIMISE performance.


Face-to-face meeting with Adam to discuss race goals, training commitment and strategy.


Athlete is given a fitness test that will allow their individual maximum heart rate to be estimated which in turn their individual bike and run heart rate zones are provided. Athlete accesses their program via Training Peaks. Your programs will be updated weekly & available via the app.


Athlete commences training and has access to all Beckworth Racing Group Sessions & unlimited coach support.


Athlete receives their Race Day Plan including nutrition advice. Athlete executes the race plan and enjoys the feeling of successfully achieving their goal.

To view our triathlon coaching services click here.
To see our individual coaching options click here.
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