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Single Discipline Coaching

Although triathlon is our main market we have lots of athletes joining our club to improve solely on one discipline. We have many non-triathlete members who are receiving coaching in either swim, bike or run.


Adam Beckworth has over 34 years swim experience. Coming from a very successful swim background Adam has helped many swimmers improve technique, stroke efficiency and pace through both squad training and 1-on-1 coaching.


There are many cyclists as part of the Beckworth Racing team, using the club to join group rides as well as receiving their tailored cycling program. All programs include strength sessions, aerobic sessions and technique sessions. The Beckworth Racing club has ongoing relationships with professional bike fitters and access to physiological testing such as V02 Max.


Beckworth Racing offer run specific coaching. All athletes receive a personalised program that includes technique sessions, stretching, strength and aerobic training. Through a range of track, treadmill and trail running all bases are covered. Run specific athletes also get access to our "Group Runs".
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