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Swim Coaching

Under Water Filming

Adam Beckworth has a long history in swimming and is renowned as one of Geelong's finest swim athletes.
With a keen interested in swim coaching Adam can help all swimmers find a more efficient stroke with just a couple of 1 on 1 sessions. Adam has worked with beginners, adult beginners, age group competitive swimmers and elite swimmers looking to find an edge over their rivals. Adam uses a variety of coaching methods to progress his athletes towards an efficient swim stroke, one method is Under Water Filming which athletes respond well to.


Adam's "stroke correction sessions" can be done individually or in groups of 2 or 3. Adam will not take more than 3 athletes at any one time. This ensures each athlete gets the right amount of attention and analysis for them to start making some progress on their stroke.
During the first session you will be required to swim your natural stroke for analysis. This will give Adam an indication of your strengths and weaknesses. 
Through the use of drills, verbal feedback, equipment and sometimes video footage, the athlete will start to make small adjustments towards ultimately reaching a more efficient swim stroke.


Adam gives the option of Under Water Filming as part of the feedback and coaching if required. For athletes who are more "visual" learners this is a fantastic learning tool.
Adam films and then shows the footage back to the athlete during the session so stroke adjustments can be made straight away.
Adam also sends the footage to the athlete after the session with some notes on technique so the athlete can continue to reference it after the session.


1-on-1: $275 incl. GST per session

*Price includes pool entry.
*Equipment: Adam can supply swimming equipment (eg: Pull Buoy etc) if required an no extra cost.
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