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We pride ourselves on our athlete results. From athletes finishing their first triathlon to elite podium finishes and World Championship qualifications. Seeing athletes achieve their goals is why we do what we do! 
View some of our results below and hear what our athletes have to say.

Nathan Taylor

3 x Ironman World Championship Qualifier. 1 x Ironman Age Group Winner

What a coach Adam Beckworth. Who would have thought? 3 years ago I decided I wanted to give a triathlon a go, and have a crack at an Ironman. I never in my wildest dreams ever thought I would qualify for Kona, Hawaii. Definitely not in my first Ironman, let alone three years in a row.
Adam Beckworth knowledge in the science of the sport, not only has allowed me to have a work life and family balance. But has also carefully controlled my load to minimise injury. If you are thinking of doing an Ironman or even a triathlon, my advise is, to get a coach. Even better, if you want results contact Adam at Beckworth Racing he won’t let you down. Thanks mate you’re a legend. 

Trav Beckley

Ironman Age Group Athlete

I contacted Adam after being self coached in the sport for 5 years. I had completed 4 x Ironmans and 4 x 70.3's previously with ok results. However, I had started to struggle with ongoing injuries and niggles that would upset my training consistency. At the beginning of 2018 I decided to join Beckworth Racing under Adam Beckworth. The previous season I had injured my knee after a subluxation and tearing a small section of cartilage.

Adam took all of my injury history into account and started rebuilding my strength and fitness and at the same time working on improving my technique in all disciplines.

The first move was to take the intensity out of training until such time my body was ready for it. He was strict on me following the program and emphasised the easy sessions need to be EASY. For me this was foreign ground.

After 5 months of training I successfully completed my 5th Ironman in Port Macquarie. I was totally injury free and achieved some PR times along the way.
I enjoyed training with Beckworth Racing and loved the scientific approach Adam took to his programming. I have full confidence in the process.

Gemma Berry

Physiotherapist / Triathlete

I have been working with Adam for 8 months and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Adam has a wealth of knowledge to impart, has taught me a lot about training techniques, training load management, technique correction in all three disciplines of triathlon and generally managing the body in a fairly tricky sport. 
He has a great understanding of the importance of a work/life/family/triathlon balance and is always happy to modify the training sessions to suit my lifestyle and health and well-being. 
The BRT “crew” are a friendly group to train with, very supportive of each other and always welcoming. Under Adam’s guidance I was able to achieve podium results at all of the 2XU Victorian Triathlon Series events I competed in over the 2017/18 season.

Leigh Yong

First Timer

I joined Beckworth Racing 3 months ago after doing some of the free triathlon clinics organised by Adam for the Kondak tri. At the clinics Adam was friendly, relaxed and encouraging. It was very much appreciated as it was a whole new world to me. 
I haven't come from an endurance sports background, have never been a fan of running and the only bike I've ever owned is pink with a basket on the front! Adam was great at making sure I had a graduated start with the program, so I didn't injure myself or give up from finding it all to hard. He gives us individual technique tips and advice during the training sessions and checks in to make sure we are in the right training zones. It's also a great crew to train with, everyone works hard and can have fun while doing it. 
Since starting I am stoked to notice improvements in all three disciplines, especially my running which I'm starting to think isn't too bad after all!!

Kim Dickinson


I decided that when I turned 50. (2017) I would complete a Half Ironman. 70.3 in Geelong was my event! I knew to achieve my goals I needed a coach. I joined Beckworth Racing and followed Adams coaching program, joining in with group sessions. Everyone was so welcoming, passing on advice and tips. Even though at times I was the slowest and oldest, l was never left behind. 
Adam helped me find the confidence and self belief to push myself out of my comfort zone. Improving my swim, bike and run times beyond my expectations. I have now competed in Sprint, Olympic and 70.3 distances, improving each time. 
I could never believe that I could complete a full Ironman, but with Adams help 2019 will be the year!! If you have a Bucket List wish , make it a reality with Beckworth Racing. All abilities and ages are celebrated and encouraged. 

Great coaches & Great athletes make a great team!!

Kylie Lane

First Timer

A friend and I decided to have a go at the Barwon Heads Triathlon in February 2017. We did
a little training for the race. I competed in the triathlon and really enjoyed the event. My
sister suggested I train with Beckworth Racing as she knew Adam was not only a
knowledgeable triathlon coach, but genuinely a good person.

Adam is very knowledgeable, kind, considerate and really easy to get along with. I started training with Beckworth racing in August 2017. I have a swimming background as my siblings and I grew up swimming. I had never ridden a racing bike or used cleats until after starting training with Adam and the crew. I used a mountain bike in the 2017 Barwon Heads triathlon.

Adam is continuously supportive and encouraging. I was never much of a runner and would rarely go out to run.
While training with Adam and the other experts Adam works with, my running improved
drastically. Adam was able to not only improve my running technique but provide me with
the self-belief I needed. Over the 2017/2018 triathlon season I competed in five events, all
of which I really enjoyed. With the guidance, support and encouragement from Adam and
those he works closely with, I was able to achieve results I never thought I could.

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