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Cycling Coaching

At Beckworth Running we coach recreational, competitive and age group elite cyclists.
We offer:
Cycling Coaching - Work with a coach & custom program towards your goal.
Group Sessions - Join our Weekend Group Rides to train with likeminded people.


At Beckworth Racing we offer Cycling Coaching for all distances and level of athlete. All coached athletes will get access to our Weekend Group Rides if they can make it.

Our programs are delivered on the
Training Peaks app and can be written to all metrics including: Heart Rate, Power and Perceived Effort.

Cycling coaching is the most effective way to quickly progress an athlete's bike skills, strength & fitness. The custom programming delivered by the coach takes into account the athlete's work, life and family schedule.
The key to a good program is consistency and that's what we strive for.


At Beckworth Racing we coach and provide programs for athletes wanting to progress their mountain biking.

Our programs take into account the athlete's equipment, access to trails, time and skill level.

Mountain biking sessions are also used as a great cross-train option for those athletes being coached in road cycling.


The Beckworth Racing weekend group ride is a very popular session.

Most weekends we have a 2 hour coached group ride which starts in various locations from Geelong, Torquay and Barwon Heads. 

The coach runs the ride ensuring everyone rides with etiquette and abiding by the road rules. 

Each session has a purpose, whether that is strength, endurance and / or race efforts. Our coaches explain the session before leaving and control the ride throughout.

Athletes wanting to ride longer than 2 hours are encouraged to add some time before and/or after the main group ride to make up their time.

All coached athletes get access to this weekly group ride. Otherwise you can join via our Weekly Group Training or Casual Session options.
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