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Performance Center

Inside the Beckworth Racing Performance Centre you will find some of our key sessions and resources for Swim, Ride, Run and Strength.


These resources are for all BRT athletes to use to further assist in their training.


At Beckworth Racing we have coaching plans catering for all athletes. From Junior Elite Development to Age Group & Elite Athletes, we have extensive experience across all categories. 

We take a scientific based training with careful consideration to each athlete's personal circumstances including injury history, family and career commitments.

Coaching services include Triathlon Coaching, Single Sports Coaching, Individual Swim Coaching and Open Water Swim Coaching.

All Beckworth Racing coaches are qualified, passionate, and athlete focused.


Unlike many triathlon coaches, this is Adam's full time job. Adam has also stopped competitive racing himself, this means he is totally 100% athlete focused.

With young family and career himself, Adam understands the needs and potential time constraints of the Age Group triathlete. Beckworth Racing value family time and always consider the impact heavy training can have on life outside of triathlon.

Careful consideration is taken when scheduling training sessions to ensure a good balance of training, racing, work and family.

Beckworth Racing is a family orientated club with lots of kids forming a young support crew that will one day swim, ride and run faster than their parents!!


Beckworth Racing has athletes racing events nearly every weekend across Australia and beyond. However, as a club there are certain races that attract a large amount of Beckworth Racing participants. 

These key races include IRONMAN 70.3 Geelong, IRONMAN Australia and the 70.3 in Port Macquarie, Barwon Heads Tri, IRONMAN Western Australia and the 70.3, the Noosa Tri and more...

Having large numbers target these races allows the club to have big group sessions and athletes start forming a bond together and pushing each other in training during the lead up. 

The Beckworth Racing Team will also attend all of these key races as a coaching group to assist on race day.


Every athlete has different race goals, different abilities and all have their own personal reasons for participating. At Beckworth Racing we treat all athletes with the same level of attention and respect.

We get the just as much satisfaction from seeing a first timer completing their first race and we do an elite athlete reaching the top of the podium.

Over the years we have been extremely proud to see our coached athletes reach the top of the sport by qualifying and competing at World Championships at all distances.


Racing / casual


group training

Beckworth Racing is based in Geelong, Victoria. Local Geelong athletes are welcome to join in the weekly Group Training sessions. These sessions provide a positive environment for athletes to train with like-minded people.

Our sessions are scheduled and run by Beckworth Racing coaches who are there to provide athletes with any necessary feedback.

Weekly sessions include swim squad, group ride, group run and strength and conditioning. 

We encourage all local Beckworth Racing athletes to participate in the Group Sessions, the social aspect of it alone can help athletes stay motivated.

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