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Journey to Worlds

We pride ourselves on our athlete results. From athletes finishing their first triathlon to elite podium finishes and World Championship qualifications. Seeing athletes achieve their goals is why we do what we do! 
View some of our results below and hear what our athletes have to say.

Geelong Triathlete Dylan

This year we have BRT athlete Jesse Fisher and Dylan Watt
competing at the ITU World Triathlon Championship at the Gold
Coast this September. 

Read about Dylan's journey...

1/ You’ve been selected for the Standard Distance at Worlds in
September at the Gold Coast. How long has this been on your

I sat down with my coach Adam Beckworth after returning from
the 70.3 Worlds last year and decided that a world championship
on home soil was too good of an opportunity to miss. From there,
we mapped out the races we would target and committed the
summer to gaining enough qualifying points. 
2/ Working in Melbourne and Geelong as a full time tradesman
(six days a week!), as well as having a newborn baby, you clearly have a massive schedule on your hands. To get all of your training commitments done, I hear you have start your day very, very early in the morning. Take us through what a week of training as Dylan Watt looks like!

My schedule is certainly jam packed! I’m very lucky that I have an incredibly supportive partner!  Without her support, none of this would be possible. It’s been hard to develop a standard week in the last few months with the arrival of our newborn son Oscar throwing things around daily. My coach Adam has been great too. We’re constantly working together to juggle things around and fit it all in. Whether it be weekday or weekend, I generally like to get up early and tick off a big session before hitting the road for work at 5.30am, leaving my evenings free for a smaller sessions, and most importantly time at home with my family. 
3/ After the Worlds is complete, do you have any upcoming goals?

I have a few races to keep things ticking along before Noosa Tri in November. I am yet to decide what my plans are for the summer and beyond at this stage. 
4/ Apart from triathlon, what else do you love to do in your down time?

Down time... what’s that? 😊 I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, watching football or cricket and sipping down the odd beer or two.
5/ In order from favourite to least favourite and why – Swim / Bike / Run

The run is the easy one to put in at number one. 18 months ago, swimming would have been a distant third, but with plenty of help from coach Adam Beckworth and assistant coach Anthony Goss, and the improvements I have gained, I can’t really split the swim and bike these days. I get as much pain and satisfaction from both of them. 

Good luck in Gold Coast in September Dylan! We are looking forward to seeing you get out there!

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