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Journey to Worlds

We pride ourselves on our athlete results. From athletes finishing their first triathlon to elite podium finishes and World Championship qualifications. Seeing athletes achieve their goals is why we do what we do! 
View some of our results below and hear what our athletes have to say.

Geelong Triathlete Jesse Fisher

This year we have BRT athlete Jesse Fisher and Dylan Watt
competing at the ITU World Triathlon Championship at the Gold
Coast this September. 

Read about Jesse's journey...

1/ What was your reaction when you found out that you had made
the Australian Sprint team for your age group?

I was a bit surprised. When I had looked at the list of points, I had
finished 34th on the rankings for my age group. They only take
the top 25 when selecting the teams. To get an email saying I was
in, was unexpected!

I didn’t have the best qualifying races as I only did two out of
three races, and my results weren’t outstanding by any stretch
of the imagination. I kind of feel like Steven Bradbury with the
qualifying part but in saying that, I feel like I’ve improved a lot
over the last six months - so I’m hoping to be at least ‘competitive’
during the race!

2/ Has there been any commitments with Triathlon Australia in the lead up? If so what have you had to do?

There hasn’t been any real commitments, just training with our home clubs (for me with Beckworth Racing). The only other thing has been working with them to get uniforms and race fees organised.

3/ There is still a couple of weeks until the big race, how have you found the training load in the lead up to Worlds?

It has been pretty consistent so far. There has been a couple of weeks that have made it very easy to fall asleep at the end of a long day! I have just tried to stay consistent - run, ride and swim at the paces in Training Peaks, listening to my coach Adam Beckworth (and sometimes assistant coach Anthony Goss) in regards to my training program and taking in all the tips they can offer me. I also try and listen to my body when it’s a bit sore. 

4/ Do you prefer training in the AM or PM?

During the week I like running / riding and doing harder / longer sessions in the arvo. Swimming is good in the morning to get the day started.

5/ Order from favourite to least and why – Swim / Bike / Run  

Run and bike are my two equal favourites. Some days, running is my favourite and sometimes I prefer riding. Indoor bike sessions have become more enjoyable since I’ve started using Zwift. I’m enjoying swimming a lot more than what I used to but it’s still a love / hate relationship! 

6/ Word on the street is that you enjoy a chicken nugget - how many did you eat after IRONMAN 70.3 Geelong earlier this year (2018)?

I enjoy all foods really. I eat pretty healthy most of the time but after a race I do like treating myself to some food that I don’t eat very often. I think on that particular day Mikhala (my wife) and I got two of the 24 nugget bucket deals for $10 plus a Zinger burger and chips. She was full after her burger and chips so I think I ate 40 of the 48 nuggets!

Good luck Jesse from everyone here at BRT. We cannot wait to watch you race in the Sprint Distance up at the Gold Coast. You have been putting in so many hard yards and it’s so great to see you out there loving it.

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